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Ardfern Yacht Centre

Ardfern Yacht Centre, Lochgilphead, Argyll


Ardfern Yacht Centre


Ardfern Yacht Centre


Feasability Study



A redevelopment of shore facilities at Ardfern Yacht Centre by Richard Robb Architects

Richard Robb Architects was tasked with performing a feasibility study to improve facilities for existing berths at Ardfern Marina while drawing in the public to use new waterside facilities such as restaurant and chandlery, with the aim of achieving the 3 Gold Anchor Award from the Yacht Harbour Association.

The existing marina which currently services a number of yachts for repairs and maintenance is split between the boat shed and the chandlery. Richard Robb Architects sought to rationalize the existing facilities with proposed improved facilities and chandlery building by rearranging the marina to form a natural divide between commercial and public functions.

The findings of the feasibility study were presented in a presentation style to the client during a face to face meeting covering a complete survey of the site including history, topography, approach and traffic by foot car or boat. Several proposals were offered as options for the client, ranging from complete overhauls to staged development and to explain the merits of each option.

By improving the aesthetics of the site and the services offered Ardfern Marina will become a destination for land based visitors and be in a position to apply for Gold Anchor accreditation from the Yacht Harbour Association (THyA)

Option A

Option B

Option C

The project of redeveloping the shore side facilities at Ardfern is the next step in the on going development and expansion of Ardfern Yacht Centre. The overall concept is to improve the quality of shore side facilities offered to the resident and visiting berth holders while increasing the capacity of those facilities to underpin future expansion of the pontoon system. Ideally all shore side facilities, including stock storage would be housed within one large modern building. It is envisaged that by improving the aesthetics of the site and improving those services and facilities offered Ardfern Yacht Centre would become a destination for land based visitors also. After completion of the project it is envisaged Ardfern Yacht Centre would be capable of achieving at least the 3 Gold Anchor Award from The Yacht Harbour Association (THYA).

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